1. nonoymanga said,

    Gripping, intriguing, it’s like some kind of a classic noir mystery. I love this stuff. Well done Nonoy Manga

    • davidrhales said,

      Thanks Nonoy. I’m currently writing chapter seven, so I will be posting 5 more fairly shortly. Your comment is very encouraging and I appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. meagan mac said,

    This first chapter reminds me of the opening scene in Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. If you don’t know the book, you should check it out. It’s not a graphic novel, but a super interesting read.

    Love what you have here so far! I’ll stay tuned for the rest. I’m a bit of a graphic novel junkie.

    • davidrhales said,

      Thanks Meagan! Its a great book; that part gave me the courage to develop my story that starts with a similar experience. Thanks again.

  3. deadendemily said,

    I really love this, the artwork is fantastic and I like the playful and sexual implication behind ‘the phone call’, can’t wait to see more.

    • davidrhales said,

      Thank you Emily, I really appreciate your kind comment. I hope to post chapter two: the lawsuit, real soon.

  4. pguzmanos said,

    Hi David,

    On some panels it’s not clear who is talking. At first I find it confusing but realised it doesn’t really matter since the A-B dialogue keeps the flow going. I like that one one part it shows how the guy “Mr. Fish” is imagining the girl and him talking face to face instead of just over the phone. Were the vague panels at the beginning a preparation for this part?

    Another thing I like, are the pasted word balloons – keeps the traditional sketchbook feel of the whole comics intact.

    It’s a good read!

    • davidrhales said,

      Thank you very much. This comment is very helpful. There is an intentional “mystery” behind the dialogue, but I don’t want to create story stopping confusion. Thanks again, David

  5. P. Graham said,

    This is very interesting. I’m curious to see how this strange woman develops with Mr. Fish. Seems very odd how she knows who he is. I wonder if he will get other strange calls 😉

  6. davidrhales said,

    Thanks for taking the time to read! There will be more soon.

  7. simonreadbooks said,

    Awesome . . . love the dark atmosphere and mysterious story! The artwork really underscores the mood.

  8. Pinkjumpers said,

    REALLY good!
    Your drawings create such a unique tone and atmosphere-
    Full of mystery and edge :3
    Especially as you are a Dylan fan 😉

  9. coolforcats retro said,

    Nice work! I’m hooked!

  10. mathematicallyconfused said,

    This is really great. I love the way you draw shadows.

    • davidrhales said,

      Thanks a million Math. I just published chapter 4, so if you have a chance, please take a look. Thanks again, David

  11. thefibitz said,

    I like it!

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