New Chapters 4 and 5 added.

April 7, 2012 at 11:55 am (art, artist, comics, fiction, graphic novel) (, , , , )


Chapter 1. The Phone Call. Fish receives his first mysterious phone call from an alluring woman who will not reveal her true identity, or her purpose for calling.

Chapter 2. The Lawsuit. Fish meets with his lawyer to discuss his legal dilemma, a lawsuit that seems to have no purpose other than torture him. The perplexed lawyer warns Fish not to become infatuated with the good looking attorney that is prosecuting him.

Chapter 3. The Pool Game.  Fish plays pool with a friend who advises him to forget about the mysterious phone caller who haunts his thoughts. He tries to get Fish interested in meeting  a couple of girls at the pool hall who seem eager to get met.

Chapter 4. Eye of the Storm A probably hung-over and distracted Mr. Fish  dodges the advances of a flirtatious waitress, only to bump into his hot new neighbor outside in a rain storm. She almost seems to have been waiting for him…Why?

Chapter5: The Movie. A bored Mr. Fish goes to see a silent film at an indie theater ( a renovated woman’s prison). The strange film, with no one else in the audience, disturbs him. He returns home to find a mysterious package. Then the phone rings but no one is there. Is Fish losing it? What was in the package? Was he being followed?

…More will follow soon!

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