1.3 The Grand Entrance (from Mr. Fish’s Novel)

March 26, 2012 at 5:43 pm (art, artist, comic, fiction, graphic novel) (, , , )

“Anybody home?”

He walked straight to the frig and jerked it open. A thin strip of raw pine had been screwed into the plastic door so the ketchup wouldn’t fall out. One of the wire shelves was missing but it wasn’t needed anyway: there wasn’t much inside except for a block of yellow American cheese wrapped in clear plastic with “Don’t eat me” written on it in black magic marker. Below the words was a smiley face.

He closed the door when he heard a pair of heels crossing the front half of the adjacent living room. He looked over at the pink, paisley pattern of a cheap, Indian bed sheet, that had been stapled up as a curtain, and from behind it emerged a thin woman with her body painted blue. He blinked. Actually, she wasn’t painted: she was mummified in a pair of tight blue jeans and a thin, blue sweater. Her blue breasts were ripe but her blue ass looked immature. Her blue blood wore a conceited look on her face and privileged leather on her feet. She slithered by him in the narrow kitchen hallway like viper: never spoke a word, never looked up at him, never even hissed. A moment later,  after she disappeared from the kitchen, he heard a clap of thunder from an distant, ancient evening: the front door slamming closed. Again.

“Another fine product from American Suburbia.” he said to Mona Lisa who was taped to the wall over a small white table in the kitchen. He grabbed a coke from somebody  else’s six pack and went over to study a large black pistol lying in the center of the small white table.

“Redneck assholes.” He said, though not to Mona. Glancing over to the ‘drape’ separating the kitchen from Floyd’s quadrant, he lost interest in the weapon. He stepped up to the exotic fabric and raised the back of his hand up to gently push it open.

“Anybody home?”

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