1.2 Going Nowhere (From Mr: Fish’s Novel)

March 25, 2012 at 6:22 pm (art, artist, comic, fiction, graphic novel) (, , , )

He left the queen of the Nile sitting alone in the sad little cafe and exited through a steel frame door with a red exit sign above it. In the glare of hammering fluorescent light on the other side, sat a stoically bored guard. As he passed the guard’s station, he ran his hand along the top of the counter where the guard sat and nodded to him.


“Huh? Come on man, you know me.”

“I.D. Rules are rules.”

With a big sigh, he reached back for his wallet.

“How’s that girl doing?” he asked as he showed the card with tape on its corner.

“Not our fault. We warned her. And now we’re gettin’ shit over it.”

He flashed his I.D. and received the long awaited nod. He took a turn left avoiding the schizophrenic elevators and then cut into another doorway, entering the bottom of a claustrophobic concrete stairwell.  Taking two steps at a time, he vaulted through an orgy of graffiti and painted pop stars. After stumbling on the last step of his ascent, he kicked open the door to his hallway. Headache green walls, blasting music, the occasional smell of marijuana or burnt hamburger: every floor was the same.  Except at the far end of his, a cute girl, naked under a white tee shirt, pounded on a door.

“God damn it. Let me in!” she screamed. She turned and looked at him blankly. Then she turned back and continued pounding. “Open the fucking door, God damn it!” She probably had the wrong room. Again.

After a turn of his only key, the sound of a long, loud creak announced his arrival. The whirling sound of wind through the doorway was soon obliterated by a booming clap of thunder. In the after-silence, the door bell echoed quietly.


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